here and now
let it snow

All my life I was running somewhere, I was really in a hurry to live. But what did I do? Was I really alive?
Winter of 10/11 changed everything. Previously I hated winter in St. Petersburg, the same way as I hated every forced stop or waiting. Winter was too monochrome, too dirty for me.
That winter I was running somewhere but suddenly I stopped and saw how beautiful the snow was shining. I was bewitched. I stopped to run. I'm not running anymore from that snowy moment.
This photo project is about passing through the winter and not even the real winter (although you can see real winter on photos) but a winter as a psychological state of mind.
Sometimes you just need to pass through your own "winter". This project is about hope and about time you are not fighting against reality but accepting it. To let everything be the way it is, to see how it is beautiful. This is so-called "here and now" philosophy. Our life is here and now, not yesterday, tomorrow or whatever. Even if you get stuck in a traffic jam being late for important meeting. Especially at this very moment.


(Text in RUSSIAN is available here)