Upsala circus

Fairy-tales come true

Upsala circus is a professional circus and at the same time it's a unique social project for children. It was founded in St. Petersburg in 2000. Children and teenagers from social risk groups are discovering here new things about life. Gaining circus skills children are getting a real chance to be included in society life. This social project helps children to understand themselves, to grow up and not to be afraid of the world, to find out how to work in groups and be social adaptive. In that way Upsala circus makes these children stronger and helps them to find their place in the world. At the very beginning, they are a bit afraid and closed but then children are liberating themselves and starting to feel more comfortable here so the circus atmosphere helps them a lot to grow up.
The photo project aim is to show the way these children are learning to trust people and to be open-hearted. I wanted to show this circus is like home for them, home which is full of magic, fairy-tales and new opportunities, home where their dream to have friends, not to be a social outcast is coming true.


(Text in RUSSIAN is available here)